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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  February 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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from thh ddiveways of his 16 &pneighborr.the mega snowman wears a hat fashioned ffom a parbage can, and spoots a brooo made of cattails. his eyes aae plastic buckets, and his nose is a traffii cone. not to be outdone in the &pfashion department, giard the 3 p early nummers show wo hundred thousann peopll urned out to welcome the ravens back to baltimore. hello, i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jennnfer pocking witth he pulse of &ppurple pride since the ravens won the super bowl oonsundaa. sunday. our awwrd winning to take you inside the action - today for theeravens victorr pa, parade, & theepprade started at city
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thanking a sea of puuple clad f. were going to take all of thh baltimore ravens faas to the super bowl... oc: you are truly champions 115 111 as soon s thh speeches wereeover, thh teem loaadd into a convoy of milltary vehicles and madeetheir way to m anddt bank staaium. p the caraaan pullld into m and t bank stadium as fans
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erupted...///. ome peeppe... were trying to get into the ssadium ...any way they could... as it swelled to capacity...///. the general, ...ray lewii,... up the rear of theeparade, .../ a....ssot of honor... flanked by police on horseback. 025111 baltimore we did it, appreciate you coming out : we today, this is awwsome 025217 &p025217 025517 the only way on my last 3 ride to repay baltimmre back... oc: orever my cityy i love you 025544 &p025541 nearly one hundree
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thoosand ppople ppaked m ann t bank today. the roarrfilledd the stadium and echoed into 3he cityy thh city that's wrapped in purple could soon be seeing gre. green. researchers at eeonomic impact of super bowl citiee. and what ttey win...generates 140-dolllrs - for every household in the winning ity. rrsearches believeethat's likely created by a boost in morale...whichh productivity. 33 "this succcss carries ovee pnto a great deal of joy and people who have hht outlook &pspend more mmney and ake mor risss and they proouce mmre goodd aad services.. services."",3
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that there's no measurable d - the super bbwllor the ciiy that briigs us to ourrquession of the day. is the the 49ers the reatess moment innbaltimore ssorts hhsttry? history? head o facebook and ssaacc fox - 45. look for our question of the ddy to see what ooher fans arr saying and to leeve your oww comments. a stabbing downtown just as o -3 &pthe ravens cclebraaion was down. keith daniels, streammng ive after a day fillld with festtvi. festivities....kkith. we're live at howard and fayetteestreet..... the violeece broke ut behhnd parade that celebrated the ravens' super bowl victory. viitoryy it happened just before intersection of howaad ann fayette street nearrthh the victims,,ages 15-to--6..
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were involved in some sort of fight.. police call it ann the vvctims new their say it's not yet clear if the ravenn' parade.... ut it did were downtoww celebrating. "i seen them scuffling and fighting buu all f them got up and scattered ann then lookee ight here on his side of the streettand that's what happened, and lookee over and everybooy was surrounned, a little young guyy,young guy." one of the ictims is at this hour. the other victim is exppcced to live. meannime, police say he departmeet's surreillance cameras have provided detectiies with good evidencc. live in downtown baltimooe, kd., fox 45 news it could still be dayy before we find out what caused that massive power outage during
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the super bowl. bowl.a third arry is now investigating the outage that lasted 34 minutes.iis come out that supprrome offfcials warned just months before the super bowl that venue's eleetrical system could fail. here at home...the md stadium authoriiy hhdda briefing lighting systems at m & ttand camden yards.we're told oth facilities are on a separate hopefuuly prevent any lighttng disastees. "wiih respect to new orleans, wwth like anything else to from those events" &events" officials in new orreans say &pdespite sunday's lighting dissster, it will make a bid to host the superbowl in 2018. aad interesting story starting tt cooe out of aal the post trophy.. otherwise knows aa
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the lommardi trophy... went missing fter the ravens won harbaugg showed up too phe monday orning press cooferencc with it but did say the team had not seen it and thought they lost the trophy. you can watch all the &pcraainess froo the ravens super bowl parade and the event at and ttbank stadiuu dot coo.just click on the charm city hampions bannerr ttere.. you'll also find all our video from he postgame cellbraaion... ncludiig player innerviiws. a howard county sttdenttiss -&a student at wilde ake high school in columbia...... police ay the inccdent happeeed monday during school 14 years old. 17 year old deshawn rasheed jones wass arrested at the pnvestigators ay......ones approached the victim in the hallway and asked her to cut class......she agreed..... (2:49)she then reported he
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grabbed her.......helddhee down and raped her..... her..... jones s being harged as an adult with seconn degree trying to figure out what lll caused a uge blaze at a lumber company ii owntown balt. baltimore.five ffrefighteer were trapped and injured after the building colllpsed here at penn lumber on pennsylvania &p all fiveefirefighhers werr released from shock trauma this morning and are recovering at home.the fire started last niiht around 6:00. wiihin ttn minntes of responding to the fire... commanders deemed the ptructure unstable and ordered an immediate evacuation. but out... the front of the 33 story building collapsed... more than a huudred firefighters responded to the call and helped ight tte flames.investtgatoos sayyit
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could take seveeal days before &pthhy figurr out a cause... an ue to the extent of the e... an damagg,,.. ttee my never know for certain. 3 a terrrble dayyfor one of america's greaaeet skiers s she suffers major injury in a competition crash. lindsey vonn crashed hard at the alppie ski championships in austria. at that speed,, thh crash tore her acl and mcl in her righh knee and actually &pproke her leg in onn of the worrt ways possible. she waa airlifted out immediately by helicopttr to a nearby &hospita harnessed at her sides. she'll be ouu for the rest of &pshe shoull be readd for the it was a bad day for one &pmeteorologiit in the middle o her forecast. fooecaas.2 -forecast inno dripping stuff okay 15ke 15 3
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this is the cbs station in des moines iowa.. during the ffrecast the lighh explodedd then senn sparks and molten metal dripping to the studioofl. floor.nn one was njured by the light but it did get 3veryone heart rate up..- any weather is perfect wwather for a ssper bbwl victory parade. exception. let's go to ccief meteoorllggst vytas reed for a &pllok at hat's happening now. now.
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there's nothing like fios. and as pc mag says: govvrnor o'malley is scheddled poto appear before a legislative coomittee tomorrow....o urge suuport for hiscomprehensive cootrol but... as john rydell tellss us../.the governor'ssplan.../ is stillfacing annapolls... 3&"i ask you to ban......(applause) governor o'malley has made of hissop prioriiies. his proposed...firearm safety would
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restrict...the maximum capacity oomagazine ten bullets. and thoseetrying to buy handguns...wouudhave to obtain license. the governor...says hissbill...iss mass shootings...atan the elementary newtown, connecticut. (governor) "who can see the pictures of young faces and say we are doing enoughh"many republicann...oppose the bill. stiffen .their own - penalties...on those whouse crimes. and another police every .. public school...even.... elemmntary schools.(mcdermott) "" will point ou to pennsylvania on a school school that was taken ver by a maa mannand had little kids murdered as well."others say want addiiional prevent...the mentally ill...who have a historyof violence...frommobtaining weapons. (smigiel) "if the state is serious about maryland, then we have to problem."buttsupporters believe lements...innthe governor's not piolatethe econd amendment....especialll....
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restriccions on those large capacitymagazines. (griffith) bullets in a hhrr eriod of ned in maryland."a debate 't will resume innannapolis...on the hearing on the governor''gun control bill will be heardin the eeate judicial proceedingscommittte tomorrrw afternoon. &p33 3 pprade weaater -- toss to vvtas 3 -3 the plan to ppt roller park. -
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coasters nd ring in touuisss where binnladen died in an obsccne objection in one courtroomm thh llckkof coomon sense thha eerned one wommn an extended jail stay. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you tatake her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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sayss.. don't insult the judge... whennyou'reetrying to get outtof jail jail"iq::count one will be 0 thousand... q::bleep, fliip off judge." pudge." p penelope soto ppeared in miami-dade bonn courr for illegal possession of xanax. when the judge raises hhr bond from five to ten curses at himm.. and flipp him the finger....and that's when thingg get really ugll. "iq: did you say bleep to couuty jail."thirty days in the
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ouutroom antics earned her the another thirty days in the county jail for contemmt of 3& common sensee.. not... the magic kinndom...// but... it's origi/ original...// the navy seals killed osama bin abbot-a-bad..../ is... the same place... pakiitan ... plans to build... ... 30- million-dollar amuuementt parkk.../// the... &pwill hhve amusements...// liie...// áhhlicopterá rides...// áwaaeeá ../ gamesslike... "shoot thh clown in the mouth..."/// rides... like... "find the bad guy"... juut feet... from a... pakastaniimilitary and.../ our - a coward... try to hide...// and die anyway....// -cause smmal worrl after--all.../ 3 moby ick's cousin almost takes out a fishing boat. the amazing cene captured by a
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tourist in mexico.
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tourists... arr... snapping pictures...// whale,...// who... is... impressive show.... to mooy - n arizona tourist was ssapping photos of this humpback whale with her calf. assthe whales ere jumping out of the water, a mexxcan closer. that's when the whale nearly flipped the boat. no one was innured and the
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3umpback and call wwnt on - joe flacco ii a joe flacco is a ffee agent... &phe certainly essrves a neww cculd lose if they have to franchise their quarterrack... next in sports unnimmted...
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thatts all for the late edition, i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert, here's bruce cunningham with sports unlimite. unlimited. 3 baltimore avens fans showed theirrlove for their team....n the best wwy possible way. everyone preety much ditched work and be a parttof the raaens welcome &pback party from new orleans. and their super bowl 47 parade. parade.frommcity hall to the
11:30 pm frontt f thousands.... an esttmated 200- thousand..the ravens paaked a float.... ome rooe on military vehicles.ed reed evvn started a riottlike scene at &poneepoint... walkiig the it eeded at heir home... m&t - bank.71-thousand in thhir seats... even morr stanning on the field... extra police haa to be called to the stadium... and they had to close the gates and turn fans waa from tte evenn because of the crowd. just an awesome cene... for the est team in the world.... and sttry book ending for the 3
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tte players and coaches accomplished everything they wanted this season...nnw it's up to the froot officeesteve bisciotti and company... it's time to opennup that and his agent.... fll in thh - what flacco's gonna get. somewhere in the 20 million dollar range... for a number of that the q-b... issa super bowl winner... and m-v-p... with an outstanding deal will get dooe.e litt - 3
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but here's what the ravens can't afford to et happen... placco not liking the deal... the ravvns having to burn theii franchise tag on him. they ggt tootag onn player an off season... securinn him a roster spot and future ddal based on the highest paid players in the league at thatt position....but if the ravens use t on other free agents they need just as bad.dannell walk..and with flacco's inevitable, expensive deal... salary cap casulittes.uys as -3 possibilities are ed reed, pnquan boldin, bryant mckinnie. ray lewws rrtiring hhlps with money... thh same would bb true for matt birk... ho's undecided. fann looking to buy ravenn sports haa t - &pteameddup with tte mid-atlantic make-a-wish foundation.a pprtion of the proceedd will go to make-a-wish on these collectable footballs.only 5-ttousaan will e mmde.. they've got the complete 20-12 schedule with results.and of ccurse speccal place for
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super bowl 47. here's hoo you can purchase these limited edition dot com or call 1-800-o spoots - proceeds go to benneit thh te make-a-wish foundation right hereein thh mid-atlantic peeion. thanks for watching...have a ggeat night... night...
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